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Your CPG's Retail Advertising Strategy

Confidently evaluate and boost the success of your e-commerce retail marketing efforts with Pear Commerce.

Stop Wasting Time and Money on Ineffective Retail Ad Strategies

These common problems can lead to wasted marketing dollars on unsuccessful digital ads:

  • No direct path to purchase
  • No real-time campaign performance data down to the individual purchase level
  • No real-time retail inventory data, so consumers click to dead-end out-of-stock pages
  • Inability to retarget and optimize campaigns
  • No way to send consumers to regional retailers where nearly half of purchases take place

In the past, CPG brands selling into retail have been unable to access the kind of sales data that empowers direct-to-consumer brands to create effective digital ad campaigns. Imagine if you could solve these problems to empower your marketing team with the same capabilities that direct-to-consumer brands enjoy.

With Pear Commerce, now you can.

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Experience Unrivaled Confidence Through Data-Driven Decision-Making with Pear Commerce

Pear's shoppable ads and store locators allow consumers to buy your products from nearly any retailer, so you can meet them where they shop. Pear offers all the capabilities you'd expect, but has evolved this form of shoppable media to empower CPG brands with performance marketing capabilities previously exclusive to direct-to-consumer brands.

Get Clear Insight into Return on Digital Ad Spend

Access far more detailed sales data than Pear's competitors. With reporting on metrics across the funnel, from page loads to each transaction, you can easily prove sales and quantify return on investment.

Boost Sales with Regional Retail Partners

Almost half of retail sales take place at regional retailers. Pear is the only tool working with regional retailers to help you get your share of that revenue. Real-time in-stock intelligence eliminates out-of-stock and broken links that cause missed sales.

Optimize Campaigns with Speed and Clarity

Don't wait months to find out how a campaign is performing. Pear's easy-to-use interactive dashboard reports at the purchase and conversion level. Unlike other solutions, Pear is not limited to data at the retailer level or simple daily averages.

Gain Audience Segmentation Capabilities

Analyze full-funnel metrics and raw session-level data by UTM, geography, retailer, device, and more to build lookalike audiences of those who have already purchased. Re-market to shoppers who didn't purchase.

Get Started Quickly and Easily

Pear's industry-leading technology automates the process, so you can start collecting insights in days instead of weeks. You'll get full visibility using the Pear dashboard.

By unlocking detailed sales data from the top of the funnel all the way down to the transaction level, Pear allows you to discover more insights into consumer behavior than previously possible. When you use those insights to quickly optimize campaigns and capture more sales, you break down the barriers to business growth.

What Makes Pear Commerce Different?

You know you need retail sales, but driving shoppers to retailer websites to make a purchase means you lose all insight into how well your campaigns are performing. If you feel like you don't know how to spend your marketing dollars efficiently, you aren't alone.

Without detailed information about each digital sale all the way down to the moment of purchase, you can't justify ad spend and quickly adjust campaigns for better results. That weakens your entire digital marketing strategy.

That's why Pear was created by CPG professionals and seasoned technology experts to address your unique, real-world challenges. With over a decade of experience in digital sales and marketing, we understand all facets of the challenges you face. We've already tracked thousands of purchases and shopping sessions in real-time to perfect our solution.

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No upfront costs, year-long commitments, or added fees for additional retailers

Unlock Performance Marketing with Pear

With Pear, you can make data-driven decisions with confidence by getting more accurate insight into campaign performance based on session-level purchases - a benefit completely unique to Pear.

We also have an extensive network supporting more than 1500 retailers. Pear is the only solution that allows consumers to purchase at their favorite regional retailer, which can significantly boost your brand's sales.

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Start Capturing Regional Retail Sales and Optimizing Your Return on Marketing Spend Today

If you're tired of worrying about falling behind the competition because you don't have the data you need to confidently optimize your campaigns, Pear can help.

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