Shoppable Media
Performance Marketing

Pear is the retail ecommerce platform that connects CPGs to retailers, converting shoppable media into actionable insights that fuel performance marketing.

Not just another where-to-buy tool

Pear is the only retail ecommerce platform with full retail coverage, real-time inventory scanning, conversion-optimized campaigns, and direct access to consumers.


Full retailer coverage

Consumers can add-to-cart at over 2,000+ retail chains, with real-time out-of-stock checking and geofenced results. Leveraging consumers' existing ecommerce habits turns impulse add-to-carts into measurable sales.


Real-time actionable insights

Use actual purchase information to run conversion-optimized campaigns, A/B test content and targeting, and learn who's buying and where. Plus, collaborate with your retail partners and Pear to re-market directly to your consumers!


Performance marketing unlocked

Pear ties each step of the retail ecommerce funnel to conversion events – up to and including purchase – which are then automatically sent to any ad platform. Unlock data-driven decision making previously exclusive to DTC brands.

Trusted by brands of all sizes across every vertical

Take Advantage of Consumers' Habits

Adding to cart at the retailer where a consumer already has established purchase habits is the best way to increase conversion rate. That's why Pear Commerce supports every retailer in the United States, from Amazon Fresh to the local bodega.

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Make All Media Shoppable

Now you can afford to meet the customer wherever they are in the purchase funnel. Anything that can be linked can be made shoppable; from free or paid social, display, search, influencer, email, SMS, recipes, and more.

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An Omnichannel store locator

Drive both in-store and ecommerce sales from your website or brand-building content. Other store locators rely on data that is two or more weeks old, at best. Pear’s is built on the same full retailer coverage and advanced analytics technology as our shoppable media, with inventory data updated in real-time.

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Add-To-Cart Is Just the Beginning

By maintaining direct relationships with retailers, we're able to provide unprecedented access to real-time purchase data. Now you can make your campaigns 10x more efficient with conversion-optimization, run A/B tests, power dynamic content decisions, build look-alike audiences, and team up with retailers to directly re-market to your customers!

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The benefits of direct-to-consumer marketing in retail.


Shoppable media

Turn any media - national brand advertisements, blog and website traffic, influencer campaigns, organic social posts, etc. - into measurable purchases.


Add-to-cart anywhere

Add-to-cart at over 2,000+ unique retailers, from grocery to beauty to home improvement, with conversion data in every major metro.


Conversion-optimized campaigns

Transparency from impression to purchase means you know who's actually purchasing what where. Best of all, your campaigns are automatically optimized to be 10x more effective.


Where-to-buy that "just works"

Real-time, automatic inventory scanning means you’ll never display out-of-stocks or miss a retailer again. Embed where-to-buy functionality on landing pages, recipes, PDPs, and more!


Priced to fit your needs

A platform pricing model that adapts to your unique retail ecommerce goals. We understand that every brand’s needs are different and our pricing takes into account whatever strategies work best for you.


Consumer relationships

Cooperate with retailers to develop direct, authentic relationships with customers who opt-in to follow-up communication.