So much more than where to buy.

Full retail coverage and real-time purchase data lets you optimize your marketing like a D2C brand.

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A completely new approach to e-commerce

Not just another where-to-buy, Pear is the missing piece required to bring performance marketing to CPG.


Full retailer coverage

Consumers can add-to-cart at over 1,500 retail chains, with real-time out-of-stock checking and geofenced results. Leveraging consumers' existing ecommerce habits turns impulse add-to-carts into measurable sales.


Real-time purchase data

Use actual purchase information to run conversion-optimized campaigns, A/B test content and targeting, and learn who's buying and where. Plus, collaborate with your retail partners and Pear to re-market directly to your consumers!


Aligned incentives

Our products are designed to benefit CPG brands, consumers, and retailers alike. We believe that supporting all three groups will be essential to navigating the massive shift in consumer behavior that's only just begun.

The benefits of direct-to-conusmer marketing, in retail.


Shoppable media

Turn any media into measurable purchases. National brand advertisements, blog or website traffic, influencer campaigns, or plain old social posts, you name it.


Add-to-cart anywhere

Add-to-cart at over 1,500 unique retail chains, from grocery to beauty to home improvement, with conversion data in every major metro.


Conversion-optimized campaigns

Transparency from impression to purchase means you know who's actually purchasing what where. Best of all, your campaigns are automatically optimized to be 10x more effective.


Where-to-buy that "just works"

With our real-time in-stock checking system, never show a broken link or miss a retailer again. Plus all the bells and whistles like recipes, Smart SKUs, video, and more!


Priced to grow together

A pricing model that matches your diverse marketing mix: only pay for what consumers are using. Now you can afford to have a one-click add-to-cart in parts of the purchase funnel.


Consumer relationships

Cooperate with retailers to develop direct, authentic relationships with customers who opt-in to follow-up communication.