How to Strategically Use Retail E-commerce with Pear Commerce

Did you know that 45% of all online grocery orders are through In-Store Click and Collect programs? While most think of e-commerce as direct from the brand, most consumers still prefer to shop with their favorite grocery stores for at-home and in-store delivery. Join Foodbevy with Louis Condon of Pear Commerce to learn about how to maximize sales through these channels by enabling your customers to get your products where it’s most convenient for them.

You'll Learn:

  • How you can run your retail e-com like DTC — optimize ROAS for campaigns in real-time, build custom and lookalike audiences, run A/B tests, optimize campaigns for conversion, retarget abandoned carts, etc.
  • Why you should create a Store Locator that actually helps consumers buy — Manage your eComm inventory availability automatically
  • How to increase sales velocity— Run campaigns to specific retailers to increase velocity