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We bring you high-intent, conversion-optimized shoppers at a fraction of the cost of your current digital marketing efforts.

Access CPG Brand Dollars

Benefit directly from existing national CPG advertisements, completely incremental to your shopper marketing or media network offerings.

Grow E-Commerce Shoppers

Get your logo in front of nearby digital shoppers, and receive quality consumers who want to buy from you. Our technology will even get items into your shopping cart directly from advertisements!

Truly Seamless Integration

Just add one line to your website (or use our free full-service installation) to become a destination for national brand advertising and start tracking results.

High quality shoppers, sourced from brands in every category.

A Retailer's Secret Weapon

Retailers large and small are taking advantage of CPG brand dollars with Pear Commerce to grow their e-commerce business and gain lifelong customers.

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Leverage CPG Marketing Spend

Tap into the billions of national dollars spent annually on digital brand advertisements by routing consumers to your stores. By using Pear Commerce, a CPG company's brand-awareness, customer base, and massive marketing reach becomes a tool for your growth!

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Put Your Logo Everywhere

We are always looking for new ways to connect your stores to local shoppers who are actively trying to buy the products you stock. This means you'll also benefit from the millions of website views generated by your CPG partners by linking their informational websites directly to your e-commerce platform. For Free!

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