Brands attach a call to “Buy Now” to their existing digital advertisements or website.


Pear Commerce hosts a branded landing page with an add to cart link for every retailer ecommerce site that stocks the product.


The shopper buys from their retailer of choice! It’s that easy!

Game changing CPG and retail collaboration.  Game changing results.

Brands, Pear Commerce offers universal retailer coverage and direct shopper relationships (opted in first/zero party data) for a unique price tag… free.  Our base package allows shoppers to buy from their store of choice with absolutely no charge to the brand.  We’ve yet to find a free lunch, but our solution is no-strings-attached free.

Retailers, by collaborating with your CPG partners, you can lower the cost of your digital advertising.  We can provide the most competitive CPM and PPC in digital marketing directing traffic from CPG marketing efforts.  Double your marketing performance overnight by partnering with your existing CPGs and Pear Commerce.

Every retailer.  Everywhere.

Brands, give your shoppers the option to buy your products from the retailer they already use for online shopping.  More than half of CPG ecommerce happens with local retailers, not just large national players.  Don’t rely on impulse buys from your ads; get your product in a shopper’s cart and tap into their existing planned purchases.

Retailers, finally get access to the national advertising efforts of your CPG partners.  Get your fair share of ecommerce traffic while utilizing your brand partners to drive new business, no extra effort involved.

All the benefits of Direct to Consumer.

Brands, it’s no secret that DTC is changing the way that people shop, with tremendous benefits to CPGs such as direct access to shoppers and zero/first party data.  We extend these benefits to your existing retail distribution.  Pear Commerce gives all the benefits of DTC: direct shopper relationships and zero/first party data by partnering with retailers to give you direct access.

Retailers, as brand marketing shifts increasingly digital, act as a destination for purchase.  Bring new shoppers through your doors and keep your existing shoppers loyal and satisfied by serving traffic from your CPG partners’ digital efforts.

The right team to build an industry-changing product.

We are a software startup relentlessly pursuing collaboration between brands and retailers for game changing mutual success.

Our proprietary technology allows us to provide our customers benefits that no other company can: complete retail coverage and first party data.  Our past experiences range from building and selling companies to decades of retail/CPG experience.  Together, we’re the team to get the job done.

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