How Omnichannel E-Commerce Is Changing The Way CPG Brands Do Business

Did you know that at the height of the pandemic, 41% of online grocery shoppers in the US were first-time users? While this rise was driven by the consumer desire to stay home and stay healthy, interest in online grocery and general shopping continues to rise now that more shoppers have discovered this convenience.

With such a high level of interest in online shopping, consumers are getting more comfortable with new, innovative ways of shopping they hadn’t yet considered — shoppable media and ‘Shop Now’ buttons on paid and owned content are helping shoppers conveniently find and buy what they need.

Brands that sell through retail have a major opportunity to take advantage of this new shopping movement by transforming their strategies to embrace omnichannel, e-commerce, and retail.

Traditional brands selling primarily via brick and mortar retailers and digitally native brands typically associated with direct to consumer or DTC strategies can benefit equally. Launching brands online is a great way to quickly test a product and market segment without traditional retailers and buyers involved. However, retail category managers are still important for omnichannel brands as newer and emerging brands find themselves paying a premium for online customer acquisition, sales, and fulfillment.

Brick and mortar grocery still accounts for 90% of retail sales, and many retailers are fulfilling e-commerce transactions via physical store locations. All these market forces and influences mean it is more important than ever to think holistically while capitalizing on omnichannel, e-commerce, and retail.

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