A Win-Win-Win for Consumers, CPG Brands, and Retailers

Pear allows CPG companies to drive real transactions with their marketing dollars, and retailers to build their online presence by creating new accounts to fulfill transactions. Consumers get the products they want, when they want them. Everyone wins.

For CPG Companies

Pear brings your digital marketing to life by adding a call to action.  Consumers can purchase a product or claim an offer right from the ad, and Pear takes care of creating the connection to a local retailer who can fulfill the transaction.  Pear collects your consumer’s information, so you’ll know your customers and their purchasing behavior better, while driving more sales for your products.

For Retailers

Pear brings consumers to your online ordering.  When a consumer interacts with a CPG advertisement, we pair the transaction with a retailer and create a new account in their online ordering system.  Pear brings you high-intention customers looking to purchase, and partners with CPG companies to bring you more business. Pear provides a supplement to CPC marketing to bring you more accounts at a fraction of the cost.

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