Unlock Seamless Shoppability & Full Funnel
Transparency Through Retail Ecommerce

The Infrastructure for Retail Ecommerce.

Pear is the missing piece required to enable strategization and scale through retail ecommerce.

  • Create personalized paths to purchase for any retailer
  • Pear connects any UPC to every retailer automatically.

    With real-time inventory scanning at over 2,000 retailers, shoppers will never hit dead links or out-of-stocks. Pear’s technology only displays retailers with products in-stock and purchasable based on user location and inventory data.

  • Access & leverage real-time actionable insights
  • Unlike traditional where-to-buy tools, Pear ties each step of the funnel to conversion events to unlock a transaction-level view into the performance of all shoppable media.

    Brands can learn, filter and segment by retailer, platform, audience, creative, geography, and more. These insights permit retargeting to every stage of the funnel, creating lookalike audiences, optimizing campaigns, and building custom audiences of retail ecomm shoppers.

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So much more than where to buy.

Add-to-cart everywhere.

Pear’s store locators, shoppable widgets, landing pages, and direct-to-cart links enable frictionless shoppability for every retailer cart (with the lowest possible number of clicks).

Anything linkable can be made shoppable.

Create instant shopability on free or paid social posts, display ads, search, influencer campaigns, emails, SMS, PDPs, blog posts, recipes, and more.

Inventory scanning in real-time.

Other where-to-buy tools rely on inventory data that is two weeks old, at best. Pear’s real-time inventory scanning ensures brands never link to an out-of-stock product or miss a retailer, eliminating opportunities for shopper frustration.

Awareness, trial, & repeat purchases.

On-site shoppability informs consumers of every nearby retail location. Take advantage of the halo effect of in-store purchases, encourage trial without shipping thresholds, and convert first-time customers into brand loyalists.

Get Started Quickly and Easily

Pear's industry-leading technology automates the process, so you can start collecting insights in days instead of weeks. Instantly gain full visibility with your Pear dashboard.

Every Pear product returns actionable insights for performance marketing.

Unlock the DTC Performance Marketing Playbook for Retail

The Pear dashboard provides a full, transaction-level view into the performance of your shoppable media. Now shopper marketing teams can make data-driven decisions with confidence, gaining audience segmentation capabilities that were previously exclusive to direct-to-consumer brands:

  • A/B test content and targeting
  • Build lookalike audiences of purchasers
  • Retarget abandoned carts
  • Run fully optimized campaigns
  • and so much more

Pear integrates with any ad platform, enabling true performance marketing

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