CPG Brand Solutions + Benefits

Access More Data

Access previously unavailable consumer data.

Access Individual Data

Access individual consumer names, email addresses, phone numbers, and geographies while pairing the consumer with retailers to complete the transaction.

Repeat Purchases

We help drive repeat purchases.

Reach Consumers Directly

Make your product sticky in-retailer e-commerce solutions, and use first-party data to reach out directly to the consumer in the future.

You don’t have e-commerce capabilities? Get the benefits of direct-to-consumer.

Not a problem, our software can be used the same way as if your CPG company had your own online ordering by communicating directly with the shoppers. Leverage retailer’s e-commerce and last-mile delivery to go direct, without the logistical hassle.
We add a call to action to your existing ads.

The shopper clicks on your ad from Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Snapchat, Pandora, Twitter, etc

We offer consumers store of choice.

We direct the shopper to their chosen retailer’s ecommerce site where the product is added to their cart.

Pear is the single source for brand content, purchase and checkout.

Local stores add choice, fairness and one-stop shopping in a seamless and convenient user experience.

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