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Does my brand really need to be on all social media platforms?

Using social interaction and relationships to guide product discovery, purchase consideration, and sales is known as social commerce. Social media platforms and influencers have become crucial elements to the success of e-commerce brands. Over 70% of social media users research brands on social media. To stand out, brands need to focus on their social strategy in order to reach consumers better.

How To Spark Growth In Your CPG Brand’s Retail E-Commerce Strategy

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands selling in retail typically have not enjoyed the luxury of using performance marketing capabilities often available when selling direct-to-consumer (DTC). However, these capabilities have become necessary for driving growth in retail e-commerce, a space growing incredibly fast and offering CPG brands extraordinary opportunities

So how do CPGs gain access to performance marketing capabilities when selling to consumers via retail e-commerce? The answer is to bridge the ‘data divide’ that has traditionally existed between CPGs and retailers using new...

How Omnichannel E-Commerce Is Changing The Way CPG Brands Do Business

Did you know that at the height of the pandemic, 41% of online grocery shoppers in the US were first-time users? While this rise was driven by the consumer desire to stay home and stay healthy, interest in online grocery and general shopping continues to rise now that more shoppers have discovered this convenience.

With such a high level of interest in online shopping, consumers are getting more comfortable with new, innovative ways of shopping they hadn’t yet considered — shoppable media and...

What is Performance Marketing?

When you consider the investment CPG brands put into marketing strategies, tying every penny spent to every dollar earned feels like it should be table stakes.

Having the ability to zero in on campaign results down to the exact ad or click, analyzing what drove a consumer to complete a purchase, and using that data...

What is Shoppable Media?

Sometimes being a successful brand marketer comes down to being in the right place at the right time.

Of course, if you’re a successful brand marketer, your next thought is probably, “Ok, but how do I repeat, optimize, and scale that?” There’s no crazy hack here, the answer...

What is an Omnichannel Experience?

Previously considered a buzzword in the marketing and advertising space, omnichannel experiences are now the cost of entry for CPGs looking to scale their business. Nearly 90% of consumers say they want and expect an omnichannel experience.

An omnichannel shopping experience streamlines a customer’s journey, delivering brand ...